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Lash Aftercare

Tips from Tiffany


-Clean lashes daily

-Use oil-free makeup and skin care products

-Comb lashes daily (You will be sent home with a clean mascara wand)

-Follow advice of artist

-Book a fill appointment every 3-5 weeks, to fill in the areas where your natural lashes have fallen out and new lashes are growing in

It is very important to follow the Lash Aftercare do's and don'ts to get the full life out of your extensions! They really aren't too high maintenance just remember this rule of thumb: THE LESS YOU TOUCH THEM THE LONGER THEY WILL LAST. There really is no need to wear mascara because they are already black. I usually just put a little mascara on my bottom lashes every now and then but that is it! Some people will wear extension safe mascara when it gets closer to time for a fill. When it comes time to take off the mascara most of the time the steam in the shower will remove it and you can just wash it off your face.


-Wash eyes or shower within 24 hours of application

-Rub or pull eyelashes

-Use eyelash curlers on your extensions

-Remove extensions yourself

It's amazing the boost of self confidence you get when wearing eyelash extensions! You wake up looking like you already have your make up on! If you have any other questions that aren't answer​ed in the FAQ feel free to call the salon and ask me!